Mr Hoelee

Freelance Web Developer

Hello world! I'm a Freelance Web Developer Freelance Web Developer from Perak, Malaysia. I have experiences in system Back-End, Front-End, Android Development, Graphic & Video Design.

I'm holding a Bachelor Degree of Information System (HONS) Information System Engineering from the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Perak, Malaysia, and grateful that I'm graduated my Degree With Merit Degree With Merit .

Our company are providing Development & Marketing Services Development & Marketing Services such as Website Design & Development, Facebook Marketing & Management and Google Advertisement Services.

Besides, I got Selling Unique Products Selling Unique Products , you may check out our web store here.



Local Official Livinox Brand website design & development. Customized E-Warranty module and Google Maps Store Locator.

February 2020

Chai Joywood

Business Online Profile Web Design for Wood Manufacturer.

The website came with the E-Commerce module ready for B2B product supply and direct end-user purchasing.

February 2020

IP Matching System

Custom-developed hacker detection system specifically built for a small group of community — the system process detection per-usage basis via ticket submission by customer. The system implemented a variety of checking included IPV4, IPV6, frequency of usage, submitted users, ticket attributes etc.

December 2019


Chinese People's Federation For World Piece NGO community official website design. This website bulid with content management system (CMS) ease of admin management first.

February 2019

BEEP B2B Web-Store

Business Education E-Commerce Platform is a platform design to supplier products within South-East Asia.

This system distributes commissions via multi-layer marketing structure.

Built with the intensive modules that enhance product sourcing, CSV processing, content distribution to the marketplaces, and a full set of product attributes management.

April 2019

Edufly College Web-Design

Business Portfolio for College. System capable auto pulls Facebook posts to display within the website.

Sep 2018

Interactive Portfolio
Hoelee front-end interative web-based personal online portfolio.

April 2018

IBM Watson Chatbot

Sample chatbot AI project with machine learning.

IBM official certified chatbot developer.

Chatbot integration with Spring Boot framework.

February 2018

Hoelee Domain Park

Multi domain handler, additional of request host header control.

Domain CNAME enable custom handler & error handling within single application.

Statistic for all incoming requests.

November 2017

Hoelee Content Distribution

Highly control flexibility, content distribution for E-Commerce Usage

Uploaded images able extract text and translate into different languages.

November 2017

Artificial Inteligent (AI) Mobile & Web-App

Native Android mobile facial recognition for emotion, emoji, expression and appearance.

Raw audio files perform format conversion and speech to text conversion

Raw audio files perform analysis with emotional AI and generate statistic results.

Auto schedule tone analyze on email folder and generate report.

IBM Watson Chatbot integration and all conversation management.

September 2017

Hoelee Cluster Management System (HCMS)

Support of execution of JAVA, Shell, Python and native executors' task.

Capable managing multiple web applications at one.

Multi-language support

May 2017

Bajucun E-Commerce

Built with high security & guest easy check out as a priority.

The system enables sourcing second-hand clothes through an Android camera, then direct push to the website.

The web application considers of O2O marketing centralized, and customers can approach offline or online seamlessly.

January 2017

Faddist Wardrobe E-commerce Website

Developed through enterprise standard Java Spring Boot Framework.

Completely customize system from the ground up. E-commerce system built with 54 database tables with a full audit of data modification.

Application-level double-layer cache enhances the persistence layer.

October 2016

Mobile System for Internship Company

Web-based AJAX real-time GPS tracking.

Schedule management for food delivery, customers' orders and outlet business hour

Chat system across mobile and browser platform.

Android phone contact list management.

February 2016

Internship Company SOP Enhancement

I developed a scheduling system for internship company client's outlets, rider & Google maps tracking management system.

I successfully received a bonus during two months of my internship for solving the intern's company business problem.

November 2015