Support vs Customization

What You Need to Know

We value our clients and want to provide them with the best service possible. However, we often encounter cases where our clients are confused about the difference between support vs customization that we offer. To avoid any misunderstandings, we have prepared this notice to explain the difference and clarify what is included in our service.

What is Support?

Support is the service that we provide for free when you renew your plan with us. Support includes assisting you with troubleshooting any issues or errors that occur on your website due to our system or hosting provider. Support does not include any changes, additions, or edits to the design or functionality of your website that are not caused by our system or hosting provider. Those are considered customization, which we will explain below.

What is Customization?

Customization is the service that we provide for an extra charge when you request us to change, add, or edit any new or existing design or feature on your website. Customization includes anything that is not part of the default system or hosting provider that we offer. Customization requires more time and effort from our side, and therefore, we charge a separate fee for it.

Examples of Support and Customization

To help you understand the difference between support and customization better, we have prepared some examples of each category. Please note that these are not exhaustive lists, and we reserve the right to determine whether a request falls under support or customization on a case-by-case basis.

Examples of Support

  • I wrote some contents and uploaded them to the site’s editor as usual, however the result appears differently in the website.
  • The image upload feature which was working fine yesterday suddenly malfunction today.
  • I’m not able to login to my website Admin panel, I didn’t change the password or done any changes previously.
  • The sliding banners on the home page is gone for no reason.
  • I’m not able to receive email from my website contact form which was working fine previously.

Examples of Customization

  • I’m bored with this button color, please change it to some other color.
  • My visitors feedback to me that these 5 images are not looking nice, please change them for me.
  • Can you move the logo from the left to the center?
  • I would like to remove this section from the homepage.
  • Please add a new function where I can receive email notification
  • Add a new contact form to this existing page
  • My website doesn’t work properly after I update the plugins on my own/installed new plugins
  • Add, edit or remove a new banner / new image / new content / new page / new link

Important Note

Please be aware that the nature of web design is that if you do not tamper with the functionality of the website, nothing can go wrong. Most of the issues that occur on your website are due to user error or mistake, not our system or hosting provider. Therefore, we advise you to follow these guidelines to avoid any unnecessary problems or costs:

  • If you have any issues with your email or website accessibility, please contact our hosting provider directly, unless you have opted for our fully managed service, in which case we will handle it for you.
  • To update plugins in your CMS (if you really need it), contact us and we will double check everything before we push the updates on your site. Updating it on your own before checking beforehand can mess up your website.
  • If you only add content in a regular way without changing the HTML or existing content, everything will work perfectly fine.
  • Do not tamper with the code or change any settings that you are unfamiliar with.
  • Remember to always BACKUP before you do anything to be safe!

Extended Warranty & Support

Extended warranty and support is offered to those whose free support period has expired and still wish to receive support for their system/website/service. This is limited to only support issues as mentioned above and not included customizations or new features.

Our rate for extended warranty/support is as below:

Minimum 1 hour will be charged upon request for investigating the issues. Once we’ve investigated the issues, we’ll advise a rough estimate on how many hours will be needed to solve the issue. The actual time needed to solve the issue may be lesser or more than the estimation and customers are bound to pay the full amount.

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